Dozens of New Top-Secret Government UFO Witnesses Identified One Year After CSETI DC Briefings

6 April 1998

CSETI Headquarters

For Immediate Release and Distribution

One year after the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) briefings for members of Congress, White House staff and other government and military leaders, dozens of new, top-secret government UFO witnesses have come forward.

On April 9, 1997, CSETI convened extensive briefings for government and military leaders concerning the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. Nearly 30 congressional offices were represented at the briefings, which were held at the Georgetown Westin Hotel in Washington DC.

Since that date, dozens of never-before identified top-secret military and government witnesses have come forward, who are ready to testify before congressional hearings regarding unambiguous UFO-related events and projects which they have directly observed. This is in addition to the first-hand military witnesses who provided similar testimony at the closed-door briefings for government leaders last April.

Dr. GreerAt that time, CSETI Director Steven M. Greer M.D. asked that congress hold open hearings at which definitive evidence and military witness testimony could be presented. The assembled government leaders were told that in the post Cold War era, there was no reason for the continuation of blanket secrecy concerning the UFO / ETI issue and that the time for disclosure had come.

In the past year, Dr. Greer and other members of the CSETIProject Starlight disclosure coalition have met with various members of Congress, senior Pentagon officials and others to encourage an orderly open hearing process through which these historic disclosures can be made. Hundreds of people have called and written key congressional committee chairmen to recommend such hearings.

While CSETI continues to provide briefing materials and conduct meetings with various government leaders, as of this date no congressional committee or member of congress has agreed to hold the open public hearings.

CSETI leadership has been briefing world government and military leaders on this matter since the fall of 1993. This briefing process has included senior Clinton Administration officials, sitting CIA Director James Woolsey, former United Kingdom Ministry of Defense head and five star Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, then UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali and his wife, other senior UN officials, and numerous private briefings with members of Congress, among others.

While there has been keen interest in the subject and wide-spread support for disclosure, to date no official government body or leader has been willing to conduct open hearings to finally disclose the facts related to UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Ironically, most of these government leaders – who universally have been denied access to ultra-secret ‘black’ projects dealing with the UFO matter- have recommended that Dr. Greer and the coalition of top-secret military whistle blowers step forward unilaterally and by-pass the government process altogether. Such advise has even been offered by sitting members of Congress and very senior Pentagon officials with theJoint Chiefs of Staff.

To this end, Dr. Greer and his advisors are making preparations so the top-secret government witnesses and other evidence related to UFOs can be disclosed in a privatized process which will by-pass the governmental bureaucracy. The privatization of the UFO disclosure process, while regrettable, also appears inevitable since Congress and other government leaders are apparently reluctant to expose these secret programs to public.

Dr. Greer stated ” While an open congressional hearing on the UFO/ETI subject is still the preferred venue for a definitive disclosure on the subject, it appears that most government leaders cannot gain access to these so-called black projects, and therefore have been kept in the dark. And there appears to be an absence of courage and leadership in Washington at this time to convene open congressional hearings at which top-secret military whistle blowers could come forward. Regrettably, pro-active efforts to officially end the excessive secrecy surrounding the UFO subject have been met with inaction in congress and in the White House. After four and a half years of intensive briefings for world and national leaders by CSETI, it appears that a civilian effort to end this secrecy is our best hope in the near term.”

Dr. Greer and others are planning a multi-media, coordinated release of evidence and top-secret government witness testimony in the relatively near future.”