lightningDuring the past two decades, Dr. Steven Greer and his team have extensively researched the most promising inventors and technologies available on the planet today. They have traveled the globe investigating scores of inventors, and have witnessed an exhaustive range of technologies from the impossible to the near miraculous. From this painstaking work they have narrowed their scope to a handful of the most brilliant inventors and the most promising technologies. Heretofore, these inventors have been valiantly struggling forward to bring earth-saving technologies out to the world. Usually, these committed and intrepid pioneers are operating with:

  • Low budgets
  • Very limited equipment in their personal shops
  • Little or no access to other brilliant people to spur their thinking
  • Frequent strong skepticism, outright ridicule, and in some cases harrassment

The mission of our Energy Solutions Plan is to bring the very best inventors in the world of sustainable, non-polluting, “free” energy together, under one roof to achieve a very specific objective. Our ultimate objective is to produce an Energy Generating System (a free energy generator) for the home or business, which will be available to the general global public. Ultimately this will free us from dependence on costly, limited, and polluting fossil fuels and forever transform the current non-sustainable energy paradigm

Following are the technical description and performance criteria for this mission:

Technology Performance Criteria

The desired generator technology is an energy-generating device that produces more output energy in usable, commercially viable power than is required to run the system. The technology is over unity (more output than input energy) and is commercially viable for running typical electrical appliances in homes, businesses and industry. The device must also provide the following features:

  1. Be completely independent of the power grid. The device should be able to function as a complete “stand alone” system operating for an indefinite period of time with no connection of any kind to the existing electrical grid or any other power supply system. Ultimately, the device may be hooked to the grid to feed its own excess power back to the utility company but only after demonstrating its performance as a standalone system.
  2. Self starting – the device should be able start from its own power supply; i.e. battery or capacitor.
  3. Self charging – means should be included that enable the device to recharge its starting system from its own power while simultaneously running a load.
  4. The device should consume no external fossil-based fuels of any kind.
  5. Significant usable power – ideally the device should deliver 5-10KW of net usable electrical power over and above what is needed to recharge its starting circuit / mechanism. This would be either 120 or 240V, 50/60 cycle, AC current sufficient to power typical household or commercial electrical devices; i.e. lights, computers, refrigerators, electric heaters, microwave oven, stereo, television, etc.
  6. While a lower power prototype may likely be necessary for proof of concept / development, a robust demonstrator unit in the 5-10KW range is necessary to prove commercial viability of the technology. Such a robust demonstrator is essential for The Orion Project to fulfill its strategic mission.
  7. This technology may involve unique circuitry, gearing and wiring of electric motors, alternators, etc. that result in this over unity effect; providing commercially viable power generation in the multi-kilowatt range, be self running and charging while simultaneously running a load.

We have further narrowed our focus to some of the most promising core technologies we believe can fulfill this mission either by themselves or in combination with others. For example:

Much has already been achieved by these inventors operating independently under the most adverse conditions. Bringing them together, with full support, clear direction, and aligned effort will certainly produce an energy breakthrough that humanity so sorely needs.