We are working with several scientists who have proof-of-principle systems that use electromagnetic frequency devices to cause ‘lift’ and mass cancellation. This means an object can become weightless and moved with very little energy over long distances. Described in the prestigious journal Jane’s Defense Weekly and in Nick Cook’s book, “Race To Zero Point”, these very advanced energy and propulsion systems unfortunately became highly classified in the early 1950’s.

Developed by T. Townsend Brown, Dr. Biefeld at Princeton (who worked with Albert Einstein) et al., these systems have been studied and reproduced by various scientists over the years. In the highly classified aerospace industry, such flying devices were dubbed ‘Flux Liners’ because they used the Quantum Vacuum Flux field to provide energy and propulsion. The early Aerospace prototypes used only a 24-volt marine battery as a power-up system, after which the device went ‘over unity’, drawing its power from the Quantum Vacuum of space.

It is time for such scientific advances to benefit humanity and this can only happen through adequate funding support for these brilliant researchers and the widespread implementation of these systems into our transportation infrastructure. Once fully developed, this technology will enable cars, trucks, aircraft and ships to move in the air silently, without the use of conventional engines that use oil, diesel or gas. Surface roads will become unnecessary, saving untold billions of dollars in road and bridge building and maintenance worldwide – and freeing millions of prime acres of land for agricultural and recreational uses. Aerospace applications will enable humans to travel vast distances in space without the need for a fuel payload or rocket engines.