With one billion cars and trucks on the road using gas and diesel fuel, there is a pressing need to further develop systems that can retrofit existing vehicles so that they are more fuel efficient and less polluting. We have found numerous research teams that have such systems, such as those that inject hydrogen and oxygen gas from water, which is electrolyzed (broken down from H20 to hydrogen/oxygen gas) from the vehicle’s alternator system. This gas is then injected into the fuel combustion process via a computerized controlled system, resulting in a 20 to 80% increase in Miles Per Gallon and over 80% decrease in air pollution.

Why are these promising systems not on every internal combustion engine, ship, oil burner and coal burner in the world? Because – as one power elite told us – they are “too good”. That is they would cut in half our fuel use, drastically reducing Big Oil’s profits and control over the global economy. This is just one of many examples of Transitional Technologies that deserve substantial public support for R and D and widespread public support and implementation.