Procedure: If you have not been to an expedition before the tuition* fee is $2500 – $3500 depending on facility costs. Each expedition is different. For some we are able to find a retreat center in which case there will be one fee for tuition , room and board. In other cases we do not provide food and lodging so participants are on their own to rent homes together or find a hotel near to where the meetings will be. We will set up a Facebook page just for each expedition so people may connect to rent homes together or decide to stay at the same hotel to facilitate carpooling to afternoon and evening sessions.

We will explain the fees and lodging arrangements for each expedition.

For those who have been to an expedition before and want to join, please write to and let us know which expeditions you have been on. There are very limited spots for previous attendees as we want to train as many new people as possible.  The tuition fee for those who have previously attended a week long expedition is $1250 – $1750 (half off the regular tuition fee). We also offer limited places for full time students aged 25 or under who are attending an accredited program of higher learning.  The student tuition is $1250 – $1750 (half off the regular tuition).  If you are interested and qualified please write to

Note: We understand that not everyone is able to attend the one-week CE-5 Contact Training Expedition with Dr. Greer. For this reason we will periodically offer 2 and 3 day events which you may be interested in attending. To be notified of these events, please be sure to sign up on the mailing list on this homepage. You may also be interested in the iPhone or Android apps which contain a complete training program.  They are available at your app store as: cE5 App. You may want to watch many of our postings on our  YouTube Channel which include workshops about making contact.

Travel Planning

Some of our expeditions are at  retreat centers or B & Bs and include room and board.  Others require participants to find their own lodging.  Our description for each event will explain the situation and you will get more details in a welcome letter after you have registered.  We form a closed facebook page just for those attending the expedition to facilitate ride shares from airports and other communication.

Cancellation Policy

Tuition cannot be refunded less than 30 days before the training starts, unless someone else can take your space. If STAR cancels the training, tuition will be refunded  or optionally applied to another training. Please take out trip insurance if you think this will be a problem.  If it is an expedition at a retreat center and fees are paid for tuition , room and board we will not be able to refund if canceled less than 30 days in advance unless someone is found to pick up all the expenses.

Prior to 30 days we can refund all except $200 which covers our banking/credit card costs.

Training Tuition Payment Options – Credit card (Mastercard or Visa), PayPal   or check made out to: Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC  (and mailed to PO Box address above .)

*These fees are the main source of support for our work for Disclosure, New Energy and Contact.
These expenses include day to day costs from phones to web-hosting to travel and lodging to briefing societal and world leadership & special briefings for politicians and military — most of which is uncompensated and must paid for by the organization. Thank you.