We strongly suggest that you bring the equipment listed on the “Essentials” list, if possible (not absolutely necessary), and ask that you bring any equipment on the “Additional Equipment” list to which you have access and the skills necessary to use them, where appropriate.

Do not bring any type of lasers to CSETI trainings.


  • Personal items  (Suggested)

    • Sleeping bag or blanket
    • Winter coat, hat, warm socks, long underwear, sweaters, polar fleece vest or jacket, rain poncho (depending on expected weather)
    • High-top hiking boots or athletic shoes (thorn-proof)
    • Folding chair – such as a camping chair [these are comfortable and easy to carry] or a hard plastic chair
    • Snacks, Water etc.
    • Sanitary Paper – If you bring sanitary paper, please bring a small plastic bag to contain it after use.
    • Please do NOT bring tarps or other materials that could blow in the wind or make a lot of noise at any time.
  • Binoculars (if you have them)
  • Small LED light (red is best) (Note: We try to minimize use of flashlights due to their effect on eyes and night vision) –A small LED light will be provided to you during the training)
  • Gear Bag – To hold and transport equipment


  • Video Camera – Portable,  extra batteries, memory cards, DSLR, lenses (wide, ultra-wide),  night vision (low/zero lux, night shot, image stabilization)
  • Tripod (if desired)
  • Green Lasers – DO NOT bring any kind of lasers to CSETI Trainings!!!
  • Compass
  • Stabilizing binoculars
  • Night vision equipment
  • Tri-Field meter, magnetometer, static meters, temperature sensors, Geiger counter
  • Radar detector – Portable radar detector sources: Buy Radar Detectors or Radar Busters or other web sites
  • Digital recorder/microcassette with batteries – for making field notes

All of the equipment listed above is completely optional. Contact work can be done with just a chair and a quiet night.

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