by Dr. Steven Greer, MD.

October 2009

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A few months ago, I had a very lucid dream early one morning before rising.

A thought – recurring and insistent – entered my mind, gently saying:

“Let us hope, so that we may live…”

As this thought recurred, a number of lucid images appeared:

First, I found myself in Africa, in a rural and desolate place, clearly impoverished and
lacking any means of sustenance. A child, perhaps 10 years of age, was wandering through
this bleak and forbidding landscape, starving, and cradling a younger dying child in his
arms. And the voice was saying: Let us hope, so that we may live… I wept as I saw that
this and this alone – the spark of hope within the soul of this child – propelled him forward to
live. Amid the suffering and against all odds, only the driving force of hope sustained him.

Then I saw my own childhood – desperate at times and lonely, not knowing how I would
survive and not knowing how to go forward. And this thought was repeating: Let us hope,
so that we may live…

And so I saw at times that this was literally all that I possessed: The spark of hope,
somewhere in the crevices of my soul, keeping me going – even to today. Hope.

Next I saw all who dwell on Earth now, at this time of great change, challenge and difficulty,
and this singular thought was repeating: Let us hope, so that we may live… And I saw that
this was the indispensible quality to which we all must hold: Hope, which will carry us
forward together to the fulfillment of the promise of humanity.

While we may not live on hope alone, surely we cannot live without it. So throughout the
coming days of trials, changes and the transformation of life on Earth, we can turn within
and hear, and never forget: Let us hope, so that we may live…