The New Earth Incubator Fund





For over 100 years, advances in electromagnetic systems have allowed for the creation of over-unity (more out-put than manmade input) power generation via the zero point energy (ZPE) field and quantum vacuum. These have been suppressed by way of a number of means both legal and illegal. To date, no inventor, corporation, research team or university has been able to surmount these obstacles. (See The Orion Project and The Disclosure Project)

Since neither the governments of the world nor major corporations have moved decisively towards disclosing these technologies, a new private consortium is needed to achieve this goal.

Much like the Internet developed by DARPA, this consortium would develop a basic new energy technology that could then be adapted in countless ways to provide usable power that is clean, limitless, safe and essentially free.

In this sense, we are stepping in where large governmental and corporate programs have failed. The need is urgent and the time is short.

Those providing funding will be able to do good by doing well: There are thousands of applications for this technology that can be monetized via products that can subsequently be patented and sold. But the underlying technology, like the Internet, must be open-source, freely available and massively disclosed in real time.

We need to think big: The Earth has 7.2 billion people, nearly 1 billon motor vehicles and a billion or more homes and businesses- all of which need power. The zero-sum game of secrecy and patents that dominate most technology start-up efforts is the wrong approach, and they have failed spectacularly in the past when ZPE is involved. We must not repeat those errors.

For this reason a new and creative approach is needed.

We propose a radically new Research and Development project that incorporates the following interlocking strategies:

  • A Multi-centered R and D Project that is connected via the Internet in real time to share results, EM frequencies, materials, problem solve, etc.
  • Open Source – No Intellectual Property (IP) or Patents will be pursued at this time, thus allowing for open sharing and feedback from the research community . There can be no hold-backs: all developments, circuits, and operational breakthroughs will be shared in real time with the public and other researchers
  • Live-Streamed: All labs will be 24/7/365 live streamed so that the public will be invested in the process, share in the results, successes and setbacks. Any attempt to suppress a breakthrough will be neutralized by this and the Open Source policy
  • A massive PR, multi-media public education effort must be launched that runs simultaneously with the R and D effort so that public consciousness is raised and made ready to rapidly accept and adapt this new energy paradigm. (This needs to include PR/News, Documentaries, Movies based on a true story -no science fiction-and mass social media networking.) Any radical new technology needs an equally transformative media and educational effort for the public, and not just for scientists and policy wonks.


Our chief objective is to create a robust multi- KW over-unity device adequate to run a home, business or car. The ideal system would be solid state (no moving parts) using readily available components that are cost effective. Radioactive, hazardous and potentially dangerous materials will be avoided.

During Phase I of the project, we will NOT be pursuing electromagneto-gravitic (EMG) or gravity control systems as these pose a legitimate military and national security risk at this time. All EMG systems can easily be made into missile delivery and intercept systems that are inherently dangerous given current global geo-political realities.

The basic science research, including confirmed EM frequencies and voltages, key materials and operational plans will be openly shared with the public and the scientific community for independent verification and reproducibility- and also with the media.

Our Objective is to have a fully functioning robust prototype within 2 years that would effectively replace the need for all oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, wind hydroelectric, geo-thermal and solar energy systems currently used on Earth.

Transitional Technologies that convert existing fossil fuel internal combustion engines and the like will also be developed (such as the Stan Myer water fuel cell).


Funding can come from either a consortium of VC / Angel sources or one source. Frankly, the less funding there is committed to the effort, the riskier it becomes. Under-capitalizing such an effort leaves it vulnerable to failure on multiple fronts.

An initial budget in the $100 Million- 200 million would ensure success on both the technological, strategic and PR fronts. While the project could succeed with less, it becomes riskier the less capitalized it becomes. Every energy and macro-economic special interest on earth will endeavor to undermine this project, and we should be prepared.

The media component could easily begin a substantial ROI- one break-out feature- film based on a true story on this subject could very well exceed the entire budget needs and ongoing costs.


A Board should be created to guide to project, but ultimately each lab needs a director with solid scientific and management credentials- and much latitude to pursue creative ideas.

Strategically, there needs to be a controlling legal authority that adheres to the central tenets outlined above: Multi-centered, real-time sharing of data and results, full transparency, live-streaming inclusion of the public and massive PR and public education.

Any attempt to alter or subvert the open-source, mass PR and live-streaming approach outlined above would almost certainly result in failure and probably prove fatal for those involved. Past efforts using trade secrets, multiple patents dividing the IP into allegedly hidden technologies, and efforts to be “discreet and quiet” have all failed. We have many examples (recent ones) of fatal strategic errors being made by well-funded but misguided efforts. Covert projects and their corporate masters own secrecy and the night; we must own the light of transparency and disclosure.

Governance would require that these policies be permanently enshrined in the governing documents, articles of incorporation and other formal organizational papers. Any attempt to by any party to keep secret the research and findings must result in the removal of the offending party- even if it is a major funding source or central scientist or researcher.

The Earth, if we are lucky, may have the 20 years needed to develop this new energy technology, productize it and get it into widespread use globally. By 2036, all transportation, power generation and energy use needs to be from this source. If a fully functioning ZPE system was disclosed today, there is barely time: The lead-time on replacing heavy infrastructure, auto and truck engines and the like is very long and capital intensive. Inventory turnover for durable and heavy industrial equipment is 15-30 years. We are virtually out of time already.

The good news is the Earth is a living, self-healing biosphere that is amazingly resilient once humanity stops abusing her.

Damage already done to the earth over the past 150 years of industrialization can be rapidly repaired; many of these new energy technologies can be deployed to specifically clean up chemical and radioactive waste (See Ken Shoulders charged cluster system). When energy costs drop to effectively zero, recycling can approach 100%.

Ultimately, an overall Project Director is needed that will be able to ensure the strategic safety and success of the project. Staffing will prove to be the biggest challenge- another reason why from it’s inception, the Fund must be publicly announced with a professional and massive PR campaign- even before the first lab is stood-up.

If we come together to achieve this great goal for humanity and the earth, we may, in our lifetimes behold a new civilization on earth that can live in harmony with nature and be sustainable for thousands of years.