By Steven M. Greer M.D.

Copyright 2002

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Nearly ten years ago, I learned of a category of deep black, illegal projects within the military, intelligence and corporate world known as Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, or USAPs. The crown jewel, most tightly held and most sensitive of these USAPs are those dealing with the so-called UFO, Extraterrestrial and new energy areas (see “Unacknowledged” in the book ‘Disclosure’ by the same author).

In the years leading up to the launch of The Disclosure Project ( we identified over 400 military, intelligence and corporate witnesses to UFO-connected events and projects. One of the most disturbing findings of this research is the consistent pattern of terror, abuse, torture, intimidation and harassment that such witnesses report receiving at the hands of the enforcers of this secrecy. Death and threats of death, abduction and deprivation of freedom is a pattern that repeats itself and confirms the terrifying nature of this particular brand of illegal secrecy.

As horrifying as these individual accounts are – accounts that testify to the desperation of those who would conceal these truths – a greater terror lurks in the fact that the world as we know it is a faint shadow of what it could be, and what it must become.

By this I mean that the world is living in an Unacknowledged Terror – the terror of horrible poverty, destruction, death, war, terrorism, injustice and ignorance – all concocted by those who seek to control our destiny.

If we step but for a moment outside the numbed middle-class comfort of the industrialized nations and peer honestly at the larger world about us, we will behold myriad sufferings, diseases, poverty and environmental decay. This image, for the most part relegated to our near subconscious, awakens us to an existential reality that we consider beyond the reach of rational correction or solution. By conventional wisdom, we behold a world of suffering that is unfixable and therefore forced from our consideration, for the most part. But is this true – or only another horrible fiction?

The evidence, testimony and facts will establish that it is the latter. That the world is artificially kept in a state of poverty and conflict – and that the solution has been methodically, maniacally and with malice aforethought withheld from a wanting world.

I for one have foregone a medical career, and the mundane – if fleetingly gratifying – comforts that life affords, because I came across the at once wonderful and horrible truth that the essential solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems have been systematically and ruthlessly withheld from the public. But there are many who have

made the ultimate sacrifice to try and tell the world what we now struggle mightily to disclose: That we are not alone in the Universe, that a global and powerful group has hidden this truth from the world, and that the sciences, technologies, energy generation systems and propulsion systems that could create anew the world exist in the ultra-secret world of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects.

You may mourn as I have the world that has been lost: the promised world of peace, security, abundance, justice and harmony with nature. Had we joined together to fight the good fight, we might have had this world 50 – nay 100 – years ago. But at the dawn of a new millennium, we stand astonished at this squandered world and wonder how we got here.

But lamenting the past will not manifest the good future that we all yearn to create. We must join together and resolve, no matter what the cost and no matter how great the personal sacrifice, to let the truth be known. A truth that will bind up the wounds, heal the world, establish a sustainable civilization and usher in an unbroken era of peace.

The world around us is beset by terror, albeit for the most part unacknowledged. Like the proverbial frog about to boil in a pot of water, we are unaware of the true terror around us – and the genesis of that specific terror spoken of at every turn today.

We must disclose those secrets that have been withheld from the world that will enable humanity to abolish poverty, war and environmental decay and give us the world Providence desires for us. Let there be no doubt about the role we must play, for others will not do it for us, neither on earth or on other worlds. It is up to us to establish by our own efforts that time so long awaited.

Sciences -wondrous and of immense practical benefit- have been secreted into a nether world of mobbed-up clandestine operations that hide behind national security, God, or whatever contrivance suitable at the moment. But the truth is that this unacknowledged world of UFOs, secret energy and propulsion systems, and global economic hegemony and domination has little to do with security, peace or God, but rather with fear, greed and exploitation. And it is past time for it to end.

The evidence, testimony and facts will prove that humanity has had vouchsafed to her all the knowledge, sciences and means for abolishing the silent terrors of poverty, death, environmental destruction and war. Energy systems that extract boundless power from the plenum of teeming electromagnetic energy around us have been extant for decades – only to be viciously forced into the nether-world of USAPs. The means for eliminating poverty and injustice – and therefore the root of most war and destruction – have been systematically kept from a long-suffering world in dire need of healing. And worlds – of virtual infinite diversity and potential- lie within our reach to explore and enjoy, if only we could come together to do it in peace.

The Great Terror, then, is that humanity and Earth suffer needlessly. And the millions who are born and die in poverty, disease and misery are quite provably a reality of our own making. And in that suffering and ignorance are born a myriad hatreds, and in those the horrors of 9/11.

The Disclosure Project ( along with Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. ( is striving to bring to light the knowledge and the technologies that we may create anew the world. That horrible box of secrets must be pried open, and the truth must be known by all. And the world must be healed.

Will you join us?