The role of the press in this disclosure effort is critical to its success and the acceptance of the facts by the American public and academic institutions in a non-threatening, but intelligent and interested manner. It usually becomes obvious to anyone studying this field that the American press has played an important role over the las thalf century in helping spread disinformation and shaping the public’s views on UFO/ET issues [1]. The press has often been an unknowing partner in the distribution of misinformation/disinformation or a knowing partner in the refusal to report real events. It is exceedingly rare that major sightings are reported at the national level. When reports are made, they often done in a condescending, slanted, “add the giggle factor” manner that leaves the audience confused and turned off. Two recent exceptions were the report of the Phoenix Lights story in USA Today by Richard Priceand the Boston Globe report on the French COMETA report by Leslie Kean.Both articles were well researched and presented in a balanced, non-judgmental manner.

We recommend the press take the following actions:

1. We recommend that reporters writing on this topic familiarize themselves with the evidence and the implications of this topic. It is felt by many who have studied the UFO/ET issue that it is the most important issue facing the world today. This importance should be conveyed to the readers in a responsible serious manner;

2. We recommend that media organizations assign these issues to senior, well-respected, nationally-recognized journalists and reporters. These issues should no longer be confined to filler articles assigned to junior staff or relegated to entertainment programming;

3. We recommend that the present clichés of reporting on these issues, which maybe intended to “dumb down” the topic by conveying a non-serious and silly tone to the reporting, be eliminated. These include the use of opening statements such as “little green men” and the filming of interviewees with weird camera angles, colored lights, fog generators and the like. All of these techniques, which have been successfully used for decades to “spin” the topic, must be eliminated if the public is to believe the seriousness of your reporting.

We recommend the public take the following actions:

1. We recommend that the public open their minds to UFO/ET issues by thoughtfully investigating the issues themselves;

2. We recommend that the public, once recognizing the implications of a disclosure, encourage the press and public officials to research and report responsibly on them and further to take part in a dialogue addressing a dramatically transformed view of humans on this planet and their future place as part of a larger group of intelligent beings;

3. We recommend that the public write the President and ask that he issue an executive order permitting witnesses to safely come forward (see section on Presidential actions) and write their senators and representatives requesting that they sponsor open hearings where these witnesses may testify;

4. We recommend that former government, military or corporate persons with knowledge about this subject and willingness to be witnesses, contact the Disclosure Project to help make their knowledge public in an honorable and patriotic manner. We have protective measures in place, and the more witnesses we have, the stronger the case — and the greater the margin of safety for all concerned;

5. Ultimately, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness and trust. If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them since ultimately the public will help drive the disclosure effort.


Considering the incredible importance and implications of this subject, Congress has played an almost negligible role over the past four to five decades. In fact only two formal hearings have been held during that time period. The first was held by the House Armed Services Committee on April 5, 1966 because of strong editorial and public criticism of the Air Force Project Blue Book UFO program. Then Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan was a strong supporter of the hearings, in part as aresult of major sightings that had occurred during March of that year in his state and seen by hundreds of people and reported widely in the press. The result of the hearings was the recommendation for an independent scientific investigation of UFOs, which became the University of Colorado “ScientificStudy of UFOs” directed by Dr. Edward Condon.

Then in 1968, the House Science and Astronautics Committee held a “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects” to review the scientific evidence for UFOs. Of the six scientists who testified, five opinioned that there was a valid scientific anomaly that should be studied further. In fact, one of the scientists, Dr. James McDonald, a senior physicist and professor at the University of Arizona, concluded that,”My own study of the UFO problem has convinced me that we must rapidly escalate serious scientific attention to this extra-ordinarily intriguing puzzle.” A year later the Condon Committee concluded that there was no convincing scientific evidence for UFOs and recommended that Project Blue Book be terminated, which happened later that year on December 17. This surprising conclusion was reached in spite of the fact that about 30% of the cases investigated by the committee had remained unexplained. In the 1990s, the refusal of the Air Force to even comment on the growing evidence of a crash near Roswell, NM lead then Representative Steven Schiff (R-NM) to request that the General Accounting Office conduct a search for related documents. In 1995 the GAO released a report stating that they could not find documents related to thecrash as documents from Roswell Army Base from that time period had been improperly destroyed.

Then in early April 1997 the CSETI organization held a closed briefing for members of congress and civilian witnesses in the hopes that someone in Congress would have the courage to hold hearings on this topic. No one then nor until today has had the courage to call for hearings on this topic, even though the statement made by Rep Gerald Ford in1966 that “We owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs,” is as true today as it was then. It is interesting to note that the members of the Senate have never held any hearings on this subject although privately individuals have expressed significant interest in the subject.

We recommend that Congress take the following actions to pursue this matter:

1. Make directed inquiries to contacts and chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees;

2. Pursue other contacts known to the Congress, which may be able to assist in identifying points of control for these operations;

3. Pursue this matter further by convening Congressional Hearings whereby direct witnesses to these projects may testify. We believe more than one member of Congress should be located to co-sponsor such an inquiry;

4. Pass a Congressional ban on weapons in space and encourage our allies and the UN to do the same.

Note that once issues concerning the validity of National Security oaths and amnesty are resolved by congress and/or presidential order, there are hundreds of potential witnesses who are willing to testify on the reality of the UFO/ET issues and their implications for our country’s future.

It is only through the medium of open and public congressional hearings that an understanding of the complexity of these issues may be achieved and our country can move forward.

Because of the interconnections between the UFO issue and the world’s energy status and technology, it will also be necessary to also hold Congressional Hearings on these energy issues as well, as a pursuant, but some what parallel process.

Once the reality of the UFO issues are accepted by Congress, then we recommend that Congress:

1. Thoroughly investigate these new technologies both from current civilian sources as well as compartmented projects within military, intelligence and corporate contracting areas;

2. Authorize the declassification and release of information held within compartmented projects related to this subject;

3. Specifically prohibit the seizing or suppression of such technologies;

4. Authorize substantial funding for basic research and development by civilian scientists and technologists making this research available to the public and mainstream scientists;

5. Develop plans for dealing with disclosing such technologies and for the transition to a non-fossil fuel economy. These plans should include among others: military and national security planning; strategic economic planning and preparation; private sector support and cooperation; geopolitical planning, especially as it pertains to OPEC countries and regions whose economies are very dependent on oil exports and the price of oil; international cooperation and security.

The Disclosure Project stands ready to assist the Congress in any way possible to facilitate use of these new energy sources. We can recommend a number of individuals who can be subpoenaed to provide testimony on such technologies, as well as people who have information on unacknowledged special access projects within covert government operations that are already working with these issues.



Since the early 1990s, the Director and members of the Disclosure Project have briefed various high level military officials including the Head of Intelligence Joint Staff (J-2), the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Director of Central Intelligence, Wright Patterson Director of National Air Intelligence Center and others. It has become obvious to us during these briefings that senior officers have not been informed on this subject. This constitutes a serious threat to the national security and to military readiness.

To quote Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, “I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects.” Note that here he is emphasizing the dangers from secrecy, not danger arising from UFOs. [2]

We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

1. Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by the Disclosure Project leadership and military/civilian witnesses;

2. Fully brief CINCS (Commander in Chiefs), and develop special ROEs (Rules of Engagement) for ETI/UFO encounters;

3. Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, see section 3.4) operations related to the subject;

4. Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command;

5. Correct and/or restrain any USAP’s covert misuse of advanced technologies or weapon systems related to UFOs;

6. Attempt peaceful, cooperative engagement of these life forms and assiduously avoid violent military engagement;

7. Carefully reconsider the deployment of space-based military assets in light of the above information and avoid actions that might be viewed as bellicose or hostile by extraterrestrial life forms.


As observations of the UFO phenomena reported by many thousands of witnesses are validated, a new set of scientific paradigms will need to be researched to explain what is being observed. Twentieth century scientific theories have barely touched the surface in explaining what numerous scientific, military and civilian witnesses have observed and reported. However, in some cases, covert military research programs appear to have advanced much further in understanding the observed phenomena and than have our academic and public scientists. Recent findings, such as the demonstration of possible faster than speed of light phenomenon [3], suggest that indeed there will be a whole new class of scientific phenomena that 21st century scientists will investigate to explain what has been declared as “impossible” by scientists of the last century.

There is still a major acceptance problem about UFO/ET issues with most scientists. Dr. Peter Sturrock, a highly respected solar physicist and now an emeritus professor at Stanford University, summarized the problem as follows:

The definite resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science. This requires a change in attitude primarily on the part of scientists and administrators in universities [4].

A further view by Dr. Sturrock on the role of scientists and scientific journals is quoted in section 3.2.1. Surprising though it may seem to the lay person, scientists often have trouble changing their understanding of processes and natural phenomena when faced with evidence that their theories may not be correct. The history of science is replete with examples of scientists proclaiming such and such is impossible, only to be shown later that their assumptions were incorrect. This normal human tendency is certainly not limited to scientists. (For example, for a number of years after the Wright brother’s planes had been observed flying by thousandsof people, there were still popular articles proclaiming that flying is impossible.) Furthermore, most scientific research in the United States, especially in colleges and universities, is colleague-driven through the peer review process for promotion and tenure as well as for grants and journal publications. Stepping outside the bounds of peer accepted research often spells difficulty for the scientist, even if they are well established in more conventionally accepted scientific areas. Consequently, the vast majority of academics are not willing to take such a risk, since it is safer to remain with the accepted views of the day.

Over the last century, scientists have played both an active and passive role, often unknowingly, in shaping the attitudes of the “trusting” public on the UFO issue through promulgation of misinformation and disinformation. Since the 1950s, scientists have been used to persuade the public that there is “noscientific evidence” of UFO phenomena. High profile scientists are still playing that role today, as did one of the leaders in the SETI program who stated in a recent public guest lecture at Harvard University that “there is no scientific evidence of the existence of UFOs.” There are several possible explanations for this statement. Either she was unaware of the depth ofevidence on the subject, in which case she could have qualified her authoritative pronouncement, or she knew that the subject was real but there were motivations which inadvertently mislead the public in order to gain more support to expand SETI research. Either way, scientists need to be more honest with the public, who for the most part still trust them and their pronouncements.

In summary, without investigation and research, there can be no intelligent informed statement on the phenomena. This need was also recommended by a panel of scientists in the Sturrock/Rockefeller report and by scientists and military personnel in the French COMETA report summarized in section 8.0.

We recommend scientists take the following actions:

1. Scientists must open their minds to the possibility of the UFO/ET phenomenon and stop prejudging others who are researching this area. This will require each to do their own “research” into the matter;

2. Scientists who know the UFO/ET issues are real (such as those who participate in covert research projects) should share the reality and their understanding with scientific colleagues to start to bring them up to speed. There will be a lot of catching up to do and it will be difficult because of reputations and funding issues;

3. Academic scientists should share this knowledge with their students and the public, for it is the next generation of students and graduate students that will help make the breakthroughs in research to explain what has been observed for several generations;

4. It is critical that scientists help make the study of UFO/ET issues a supported and encouraged area of scientific investigation for these future graduate students and young professional scientists;

5. Scientist/managers who run our federally funded academic research programs should set aside a small percentage of their budgets for “outside-the-box” research into the UFO/ET arena, helping to make it a legitimate area of research.

6. Finally, scientists should realize that advances in science and technology that could come from an understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon will have far ranging effects on the future of the people and the environment of our planet. The opportunities for new “breakthrough” research have never been better (as well as the opportunity to rewrite many textbooks).


Although Presidents since World War II have known about the reality of the UFO/ET issues, in recent decades their knowledge and ability to affect the issues have become limited. It is time for the president to take a proactive role in the disclosure process, because should significant disclosures occur without any presidential role, the president would be viewed by the American public and the world in one of two perhaps equally damaging ways.

1. If the President and the executive branch of the U.S. government maintain that they did not know anything about a subject this important, presidential stature and credibility would be significantly damaged.

2. If the President and the executive branch maintain after “unsanctioned” disclosures that they knew of the subject and its incredible national significance, but were not connected to the disclosure, the President might be accused of supporting the cover-up, even though this may be unfair in light of the actual facts of how this subject has been covertly handled.

Either way it behooves the President to begin the disclosure process with the following steps or one of the above damaging options may become the prevailing view.

We recommend the following actions for the President of the United States:

1. We recommend that the President set forth an Executive Order releasing witnesses from national security oaths on this subject since a critical issue for witnesses willing to testify is their security oaths, even though they may have been illegally obtained (see section 4.7 on security oaths);

2. We recommend that the President convene an independent, fair and open commission to investigate the subject, USAPs connected to the subject, and technologies that are currently clarified and could benefit humanity if released;

3. We recommend at the same time that the Executive Order support the declassification of government documents related to the UFO/ET subject, a process that has already begun through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA);

4. We also recommend, as the disclosure process proceeds, that the President issue an Executive Order providing amnesty for members of the suspected group and its personnel that control the UFO/ET issues, provided that there is cooperation and non-interference by that group;

5. We recommend that the President present a nationally televised talk on the issues and the process to start to restore public faith in the government and democratic principles;

6. Finally, we recommend that the President create by Executive Order, a new scientific research organization to develop covert technologies that can be used to address our energy problems and start to integrate these technologies into our mainstream academic institutions.

These Executive Orders wouldfully utilize the powers of the presidency to help terminate certain “blackprojects” activities that appear to be operating outside the constitutional chain of command. While certain aspects of extraterrestrial technology (andother matters) may not be fully accessed through this EO process, it wouldenable definite witness testimony to be disclosed. This would start the processof neutralizing the present efforts by the covert groups to keep the Presidentand the Executive branch, Congress, the press, and the taxpayers out of the loop.

[1]See Hanson, T., The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up.2001 [2]Hillenkoeter, Roscoe: Aliens from Space, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, 1975. [3]Wang, L.J., A. Kuzmich, and A. Dogariu. 2000. Gain-assisted superluminal lightpropagation. Nature. 406:277-279. [4]Sturrock, P. A., Report on a Survey of the American Astronomical Societyconcerning the UFO Phenomenon, Stanford University Report SUIPR 68IR, 1977.